Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weigh In Week 2

Hello, hello -

Been a non-eventful, yet stressful week for me!

Hope everyone had a better time.
So, I realized my work is ending in a month - boo. I work for an elementary school, so we break when the kids break. Hate it. But I'm taking the Summer break to go back to school and start a real job. I'm stressing because of this economy and so many lay-offs, my chances of getting a job after school seems slim. I try not to think of the future in terms of that but it freaks me out. I hate being dependable on others. HATE! And this week I had to depend on rides because I have no car and also will have to depend on the parental to help pay for schooling - hopefully I qualify for the financial aid.

Anyways, so my diet wasn't good at all this week. Didn't work out apart from 1 day when I had to walk to work.

I currently weigh 194.3 - 1lb down, I guess. Bad eating does that! Boo.

How was everyone else's week?

And I apologies for neglecting this blog - just... blah lol.
I might make the blog open instead of private and just journal more - hmm.

Anyways - until later...



Jackie said...

I think I'll add my weight to this to keep you going :]
My current weight is 175 lbs and I stand at 5'6". I've been chunky my whole life and am the biggest one in my family :/ I started running but stopped last week and gained about 5 lbs because of midterms/stress but hopefully I can pick it up again tomorrow morning and plan out some healthier meals.

Vick said...

Yikes are you going to look for a summer job?

I have to get my eating under control! So much stress and junk but i'm down a pound from last week. I have a midterm tonight and tons of homework so i'm skipping the early morning gym and going to school but will try to run around with my kid if it doesn't rain.

Celly said...

@Jackie - Welcome! I'll add your weight to the side bar. Goodluck this week!

@Vick - yeah, job hunting while I still have my current one. Girl - a pound down! I try not to discourage myself from even 1 lb lost cus it is a loss instead of a gain! Goodluck this week!

Anonymous said...

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