Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have owned an iPhone for almost 2 years and have gone through many apps and love how there's so many applications I can customize to help make things more accessible and easier for me. In saying so, I have tried out many apps related to weight loss and will be sharing some of my favorites. Above you can see my Health menu (right now, there's more added to it). Today we'll be reviewing Fooducate!

Price: Free
What is it: Fooducate analyzes information found in each product's nutrition panel and ingredient list. You get to see the stuff manufactures don't want you to notice, such as - excessive sugar, additives, trans fat and many more...
Compatible: iPhone, iTouch, iPad

First thing it pops up is a scan barcode screen. You can take an image (it's not saved on your roll) or manually write the barcode number of the item and then it'll give you a grading for it based on it's nutrional facts. For instance the Special K Crackers I scanned.

They based the rating on ingredients, calorie value and other things. Plus they explain what these additives mean. You may save the item to your favorites so you know what to pick again while grocery shopping.

Another neat thing about this is the alternative section. It gives you a list of similar products that have a higher grade for you to look through. As well as a compare scan of two different items.

Only downfall is that not ALL products are included, especially newer store items but I've only come across about 15 out of 80 which didn't have history. Not bad. What I did is take an image of the item, ingredient list and nutritional list and sent it to their email. Also it won't include produce items, if there's no barcode - then you won't be able to get much info on it.

Overall this app is a must for all health nuts. It's really helped me pick better choices and know more about the items I purchase.

Final Grade: A-


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Starting Over

So I need to get accountable and start back on health kick regime.
My goal is to hit the gym at least 4 times a week - thankfully, I now have a closer gym to attend and with friends to go with. Hopefully we can keep it continuous. Because of this I can cancel my 24 hour membership and save me money... I didn't really like going there plus gas and mileage daily. Wasn't motivating me enough.

I have been the same weight for about 6 months after I finished school - well, I did go down to 185 and pretty much gained it all after holidays, new school, so many birthdays and bleh. Could go on and on.

I weighed in this morning at 199. But I am due for my TOM and I know the weight gain is mostly water retention. I'm normally hovering around 195.

Saddens me it's been two years since I started my weight loss journey and was only able to lose 45lbs :( It really could have been more if I didn't self-sabotage A LOT of the times.

Mini-goal set back MAY 1 2011: Be under 189lbs

Hope everyone is doing well on getting fit.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Back Back Back to the dreaded DIET!

I am back to blogging on my fitness site. I've neglected it and neglected myself.

I have thankfully not gained any weight during my absense, it's been at a standstill for month actually. Which is a good thing because I tend to gain weight rapidly and loose it quickly and just be at the same place for a long while.

Exercising on the occasion helped on not gaining so much this past Summer.

I'm still on REVENGE MODE - have not bumped into the ex, fortunately but you know... I live in a really small town and sightings happens lol. Asshole pissed me off more and I need to find me a new boo anyways.

But that's not the reason for my return to slim down - for my dreaded turning of age 25 (vomits) me and a friend will celebrate in MIAMI, FL!

I am not walking down no beach in a two-piece but my goal is to get there and show flesh! Well... maybe peek-a-boo a G-string here and there.


I want this bikini...


So yes, will try to update this more often - hopefully I hear more from you ladies and your progress or feedback.
I'm off to the gym right now. UGH, dreading it but work has to get done.