Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ah Neglect! Wii Fit Active

Okay so I haven't posted previous 2 weigh ins.

Guys - I've been doing so bad lol. I just been in a super lazy, hungry ass mood. I dunno what got over me but I'm starting over again. Unfortunately I gained weight - currently 197 roughly.

So bad.
Last week I started my time of the month and so I retained a lot of water and bloat and me not drinking my water, I know half my gain is basically that... water retention. Gotta get back to chugging that H20 down. Hmm.

Anyways, I'm back on it again.
I recently bought Wii Active for my console to try at home when I'm too lazy to go work outdoors.
I've only done it once and holy shit did it work my ass out.

It was decent in terms of workout. I actually hated a lot of the workouts using the band and I'm not a fan of sit ups. So I stuck to running, sprints and kickboxing. You can customize the workouts to what sport/activity you want to do. How long and how often which is really neat. Then there is the 6-week challange... meh, lol. I rather do what I like but it's a cool feature for those working up to a challenge.

Anyways, how is everyone else doing so far?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weigh In Week 3

Okay - so how was everyone's week?

Mines was semi-stressful... with work nearing an end and my new school about to begin I've had nothing but little worry thoughts.

Dieting wasn't anything special - I ate fast food here and there but I know to limit my food consumption throughout the day. It's a helpful tool.

Say if I want or I know I'll be eating out somewhere - McDonald for example (even though I haven't ate there since last year) but if I wanted a burger and fries. Well either my other meals in the day will be small like cereal or fruit so my kcalories are still within the loosing weight range and the next day I eat better and so on. It helps to moderate what you eat and not deprive yourself. At night I make sure to take in all my water intake and flush everything out. Bloating goes out because there's no water retention. Biggest tip I can give you. And when eating out, skip any empty calorie beverages like soda and even milk! Just water with lemon is good and if you drink half a glass when at a restaurant and finish the rest mid-meal - you'll be EXTREMELY full you wouldn't want to finish eating it. Painfully full lol. Then ask for another water and down it. Not full because of eating a lot but because of the water.

So I weighed myself and I'm down to 192 - I honestly dunno how that's possible but I'll take it. Down 2.3 pound from the last weigh in. Must be due to me not eating much and sleeping in a lot this weekend.

I really need to start working out. I'm going to purchase some games for my Wii to do at home or something... allergies are making it difficult to do outdoorsy things which I prefer doing.

Anyways, how is everyone else's progress so far?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Iphone Application: RunKeeper

I love my Iphone! And I'm not a phone fan at all - total convert.

Anyways, I was searching for applications under health and fitness and found this free one called RunKeeper.

What it does basically is track your distance and shows how many miles and calories you've done depending on what activity you're doing.

Btw, don't mind the difference in time/picture/miles - I screencap different activities to give an ideal of how it works!

On the screen it shows the time you've done, average minutes per miles, calories lost and total miles.
On the Option button - you can change your activity. It only has activities that have to do with movements (walking, running, hiking, jogging, etc.)

It also maps your whole distance and shows a pinpoint of your current position and how many miles it took you. So cool!

I wish I lost almost 900kcal - I forgot to turn it off while we were driving off, haha.

I'm not aware of any similar application for the Droid but iPhone has different applications, some costly and some free. I don't mind this because it's free but the accuracy differs. I don't rely on it 100% but I use it to give me an idea of how much I've hiked/walked in terms of miles.

Today I tracked 4 miles on the hills for 1.5 hours. Not bad considering it was all rocky terrain and cows all up in the way.

Any iPhone users have similar apps?

PS - blog with be open to the public soon! unless you girls prefer it private for your own... privacy lol.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weigh In Week 2

Hello, hello -

Been a non-eventful, yet stressful week for me!

Hope everyone had a better time.
So, I realized my work is ending in a month - boo. I work for an elementary school, so we break when the kids break. Hate it. But I'm taking the Summer break to go back to school and start a real job. I'm stressing because of this economy and so many lay-offs, my chances of getting a job after school seems slim. I try not to think of the future in terms of that but it freaks me out. I hate being dependable on others. HATE! And this week I had to depend on rides because I have no car and also will have to depend on the parental to help pay for schooling - hopefully I qualify for the financial aid.

Anyways, so my diet wasn't good at all this week. Didn't work out apart from 1 day when I had to walk to work.

I currently weigh 194.3 - 1lb down, I guess. Bad eating does that! Boo.

How was everyone else's week?

And I apologies for neglecting this blog - just... blah lol.
I might make the blog open instead of private and just journal more - hmm.

Anyways - until later...