Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weigh In Week 3

Okay - so how was everyone's week?

Mines was semi-stressful... with work nearing an end and my new school about to begin I've had nothing but little worry thoughts.

Dieting wasn't anything special - I ate fast food here and there but I know to limit my food consumption throughout the day. It's a helpful tool.

Say if I want or I know I'll be eating out somewhere - McDonald for example (even though I haven't ate there since last year) but if I wanted a burger and fries. Well either my other meals in the day will be small like cereal or fruit so my kcalories are still within the loosing weight range and the next day I eat better and so on. It helps to moderate what you eat and not deprive yourself. At night I make sure to take in all my water intake and flush everything out. Bloating goes out because there's no water retention. Biggest tip I can give you. And when eating out, skip any empty calorie beverages like soda and even milk! Just water with lemon is good and if you drink half a glass when at a restaurant and finish the rest mid-meal - you'll be EXTREMELY full you wouldn't want to finish eating it. Painfully full lol. Then ask for another water and down it. Not full because of eating a lot but because of the water.

So I weighed myself and I'm down to 192 - I honestly dunno how that's possible but I'll take it. Down 2.3 pound from the last weigh in. Must be due to me not eating much and sleeping in a lot this weekend.

I really need to start working out. I'm going to purchase some games for my Wii to do at home or something... allergies are making it difficult to do outdoorsy things which I prefer doing.

Anyways, how is everyone else's progress so far?


Vick said...

I didn't get to work out at ALL last week due to projects and tests AND I overate majorly. I will weigh myself in the morning but ugh I hate dieting! I did go to the gym this morning though...

Moniqué said...

looks like your doing well.. i have only just started getting back into my workouts so i havn't had much progress.. Watch this space!