Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Iphone Application: RunKeeper

I love my Iphone! And I'm not a phone fan at all - total convert.

Anyways, I was searching for applications under health and fitness and found this free one called RunKeeper.

What it does basically is track your distance and shows how many miles and calories you've done depending on what activity you're doing.

Btw, don't mind the difference in time/picture/miles - I screencap different activities to give an ideal of how it works!

On the screen it shows the time you've done, average minutes per miles, calories lost and total miles.
On the Option button - you can change your activity. It only has activities that have to do with movements (walking, running, hiking, jogging, etc.)

It also maps your whole distance and shows a pinpoint of your current position and how many miles it took you. So cool!

I wish I lost almost 900kcal - I forgot to turn it off while we were driving off, haha.

I'm not aware of any similar application for the Droid but iPhone has different applications, some costly and some free. I don't mind this because it's free but the accuracy differs. I don't rely on it 100% but I use it to give me an idea of how much I've hiked/walked in terms of miles.

Today I tracked 4 miles on the hills for 1.5 hours. Not bad considering it was all rocky terrain and cows all up in the way.

Any iPhone users have similar apps?

PS - blog with be open to the public soon! unless you girls prefer it private for your own... privacy lol.

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**OnYxStA** said...

got my sister the wii fit too

is it good?