Friday, July 23, 2010

Back Back Back to the dreaded DIET!

I am back to blogging on my fitness site. I've neglected it and neglected myself.

I have thankfully not gained any weight during my absense, it's been at a standstill for month actually. Which is a good thing because I tend to gain weight rapidly and loose it quickly and just be at the same place for a long while.

Exercising on the occasion helped on not gaining so much this past Summer.

I'm still on REVENGE MODE - have not bumped into the ex, fortunately but you know... I live in a really small town and sightings happens lol. Asshole pissed me off more and I need to find me a new boo anyways.

But that's not the reason for my return to slim down - for my dreaded turning of age 25 (vomits) me and a friend will celebrate in MIAMI, FL!

I am not walking down no beach in a two-piece but my goal is to get there and show flesh! Well... maybe peek-a-boo a G-string here and there.


I want this bikini...


So yes, will try to update this more often - hopefully I hear more from you ladies and your progress or feedback.
I'm off to the gym right now. UGH, dreading it but work has to get done.