Monday, April 26, 2010

Weigh In, Buddy System and Hiking

Hi ladies,

Not sure if anyone was able to comment on the below post but I'm hoping to hear from you. Let me know if it works.

Anyways, it is 12:30 am MONDAY - and I am very late in the weekly weigh-in but I was out of town but I am here now with an update.

My previous weight was 199 and today I am 195.3.
Down 3.7 lbs, woop!

Every Saturday for the past month, me and my friend Analicia have been going to a local reservoir that also has many trails people go on. We usually walk/hike the hills instead of level ground walk. She use to weigh 260 lbs 2 years ago and lost over 90+ lbs in over a year. She had gained weight in the previous months because sadly her boyfriend had passed away last Summer. She gained about 30+ lbs since then and is with me on our weight loss venture and also her career goal is to be a Sheriff Deputy so she's working out to achieve that!

I have to say having a friend doing this with you is very important!
Not only for accountability but it's also nice to be working out with a friend because it doesn't feel like working out when all you're doing is gossiping away lol. She had told me about this place and it's how she managed to loose most of her weight over the Summer.

Analicia is one of 5 friends I "shuffle" around to work out with. One is my coworker Jasmine who I use to hit the gym in the morning with before work, another is a guy friend Javier and we tend to walk around his neighborhood after work - more leisurely. And my 2 other are support friends - Katia and Clarisse, we started the Sunday weigh ins over a year ago. For the 3/4 months we were really on top of each other - we all managed to successfully loose weight. I text them before ordering a burger and they're there to tell me "Celia, your ass won't fit into those skinny jeans" and vice versa. It's a guilt trip haha, but totally works! We've weened off it because our lives took over but none the less we still keep track of each others weight.

Back to the hills - here are some benefits from hiking by clicking on these links:
Take A Hike for Fitness
Health Benefits of Hiking

From the little time I've been doing, I have felt a difference between outdoor workout, gym and indoor workouts. Hiking definitely takes more endurance, the unsteady ground, higher elevation and wind resistance helps build that up more (aswell as your stamina) and make your body work more even. Even when going back down the hill, I still get a work out because of the steepness - it makes you work your thighs and calves cause you're preventing from falling over. My ass feels hella good after too, haha.

Here are a few photos from reaching the peak of one hill:

You can somewhat see the track, we parked on the far left behind the hill. It took an hour and 30 minutes to get that far.

Ana took one of me struggling up one hill:

Check out the background view, though! Don't see that at the gym that's for sure.

Anyone have their favorite outdoor activities or gone hiking?

Post Sunday Weigh Ins or inch loses too!
You're welcome to start and let today be your first day and weigh in next Sunday!



Vick said...

I'd love to go hiking on the weekends that's a great idea. My boyfriend and I have made it a habit of taking my little one to the park, lake, or beach anytime we get a chance so we can walk some trails and stuff.

I weighed in yesterday morning at 223 however I had a monster of a way to break pace. that's alright though because I am literally lacing up my shoes right now and eating breakfast to go to the gym before class.

I plan on going to the gym MWF and doing Beachbody Insanity on TTH and some of those magazine workouts for abs on Saturday, Sunday i'll rest....

Vick said...

ah man where is everyone? oh well even if it's just us that's fine. I wanted to update i've been sticking to working out MWF so far this week and I remembered the little hidden gem down the street and went hiking this morning! It was really great wish I had a dog or a hiking buddy but that will come with time.

Only thing i'm having issues with is my eating! I have always been a compulsive overeater so i'm trying to get that under control pronto. I'm boycotting sugar cereal and regular milk.

Celly said...

Hey vick - sorry for the belated response, usually I have preapprove comment so I know someone commented but didn't realize it was off.

But great to know you're sticking to working out. I think even 3 days out of the week is good. I remember my PE teacher saying at least 3 days a week, 1 hour each time is a good start out or even to maintain.

Would you like me to add your weigh in progress to the side bar? It'll be Vick SW (start weight) - CW (current weight)!

Haha yeah if it's us two - totally fine. 1 buddy is better then none!