Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Welcome to Get Right, Get TIGHT!

Hello hello...

Thanks for coming to the page and if you're following and willing to participate - major kudos and thanks to you! I wanted to make this blog as a support group for those of us who want to loose weight, get more fit and just getting things RIGHT and TIGHT! No one likes a flabby ass... (unless you have a secret fetish for it.)

I'm in the process of still getting things organize and making this an open forum of sorts and give each other accountability and motivation.

I'll begin with my story - if it were a novel, I'd call it...
"You'd Be Prettier If Only You Were Skinny"

Raise your hand if you ever heard that one before?
*raises both hand up*

So, I'm currently 24 years old. I want to say I was overweight since perhaps 4th or 5th grade. Just around the time when I moved from the big city to a suburban one. When everyone was under 100 pounds at that time, I was the girl who was 120lbs - granted, I was kinda tall at that age but still was pretty thick. I was a pretty active kid growing up so my weight sustains throughout the school year but once Summer rolled on - the weight would creep up. I guess because there wasn't any activity going on and I was very sheltered and my parents never encouraged Summer camps or program to attend to, I'd stay home and do whatever... including eating a lot.

I first hit 200 around my Sophomore year in High School - but physically I didn't look it.
After High School I steadily gained weight and my highest weight would probably be approximately 235 pounds in January 2009. Last year I made more of a commitment to get fit and lost 25lb while taking PE classes and eating slightly better. Once Summer rolled around (again) I found a bit of confidence and also my first boyfriend. Out went the diet when you're in LOVE haha, but I fluctuated a lot but never gained because I was still going to the gym and being active.

Relationship ended - as well as that confidence I had gained (stupid boys).

In November 2009 I decided to go to a weight loss clinic where I was prescribed Phentermine (an appetite suppressant drug). I'll discuss more about my journey on that in future post but I only recently returned to taking it again. I have since early 2010 lost an additional 11lb bringing my total weight loss to 35+ pounds.

I currently weigh 199lbs and while I'm happy to finally be out of the 200 mark - I still got ways to go. My goal for the year is to loose 50+ pounds (weight 150) and from then on I'll see how I look and feel and decide whether or not to continue loosing weight or just maintain. I really would like to shop at BEBE though, you know... they only carry sizes "skinny" "skinny bitch" and "newborn". For reals.

I will not copy and post articles from other sites or blogs. I want this to be 100% personal experience or information but linkage if totally fine. I'm personally not a fan of taking other people's journalism and pasting it on your own blog for the sake of having content on your site. Nope.

With that being said...

Starting this Sunday - April 25th, we will have our first initial weigh in (if you want to participate in that) or body measurements (if you're here for toning up of that sort). Everyone's weight/measurement will be posted on the right side so we all see each others progress!

I shared a bit about myself - now assignment #1: Share why you're here, brief story - optional if you want to post your weight. Share your goal. And lastly, what contents you want to see in this blog?

Those interested in being an Author (meaning you can make post into this blog) let me know and I'll add your name to the list. I'm wanting people who can add interesting content in terms of what exercise they did or folks who like to cook and post images/tutorials of what they make, shopping hauls, recommendations of fitness videos - rants, raves... WHATEVER - just if you want to contribute - let a girl know!

Now... go out there and getting things tight!

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